Affinity Integrated Healthcare | Weight Loss Service
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Weight Loss Service in Libertyville

A Medically Based Natural and Effective Program For Both Men and Women

  • Lose Weight Fast, Restore Lost Vitality, Regain Your Confidence, and Health
  • Natural and Proven Methods for Losing Weight, No Pills or Fad Diets
  • Lasting Results Through Nutrition Programs, No Surgery, and No Medications.
  • Accurate Body Composition Measurements to Assess your Progress
  • Your Best Weight Loss Plan is Specifically Designed by Our Doctors
  • Metabolism, Body-Type, Diet, and Exercise all included for Optimal Results

For a Free Consultation Please Call : (847) 680- 3900

Are You Struggling To Loss Weight?  

Using the best available approaches for medical weight control and placing them into an affordable, easy-to-follow, and proven system has been the driving passion for the doctors at Affinity Integrative Health. We understand both the physical and emotional struggles that come with trying to lose weight while trying to live a healthy lifestyle. We find that many times there are underlying metabolic and hormonal blockages to your body from achieving proper weight loss.  We use a medically based – holistic approach helping you achieve your weight loss goals by providing a treatment that is both safe and effective addressing all the underlying limiting factors, while under the watchful guidance of our physicians.  

What makes us different?

What works best for one person may not work well for your unique set of circumstances, body type, metabolism, and individual hormonal balance, which is why we customize our plans for you after careful and assessment of your bodies needs.

We use specialized saliva and urine testing to identify underlying metabolism and hormone imbalances that create weight gain and resistance to fat loss.  Fat cells will make more estrogen which causes weight gain as well as increased chronic stress. This also contributes to sleep disorders that will further exhaust your bodies ability to heal and repair and creating a vicious circle.  We use the most advanced nutritional protocols along with lifestyle changes as a result of your specific test results. Imagine a slimmer you with increased vitality, feeling better while looking your best!

From self-help books and the internet to commercial and community-based programs, they have all been tried by our patients with limited success. No matter what is holding you back, we have heard it all. Although everyone has a different story, we all have the same goal, to live longer and healthier lives. As part of our encompassing program, we emphasize the role of your diet in weight management. With so many fad-diets and false claims it is time we get back to the facts.  

For a Free Consultation Please Call : (847) 680- 3900