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Update About COVID-19

We are committed to keeping our patients and employees safe.

Letter to all our Patients:

These are unsettling times with so many educational and business closures throughout our state and nation. I believe that most of us understand that these closings are specially related to preventing the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Here, at Affinity Integrated we want to assure everyone that we are taking every precaution to sanitize and keep everything clean. Every staff member has been briefed on using exceptional hygiene. We will continue to provide a safe environment by following CDC guidelines and requirements including proper hand washing, cleaning and sanitizing equipment after every use, hand sanitizer, and wipes readily available.

This virus can live up to three days on a surface and is spread through respiratory droplets, such as a sneeze or cough. The vampire cough or sneeze technique can reduce exposure by coughing or sneezing into one’s elbow. It is suggested to wash hands after using tissues every time. Using these two effective methods can minimize everyone’s exposure. Use soap and water regularly when available and hand sanitizer that is at least 60% alcohol-based. It is recommended to avoid touching your mouth, eyes, or nose. We recommend cleaning surfaces frequently, as we will be adhering to these same actions, here at the office as part of our daily sanitation routine.

The COVID-19 virus thrives on weakened immune systems. A regiment of a multivitamin, vitamin C, hydration, (½ your body weight in fluid oz’s of water), healthy diet, restful sleep, and exercise will help keep your immune system functioning well, and minimize your potential severity and or susceptibility. Reduce stress by stretching, doing yoga, massage, and adjustments. Engaging in these activities will further help lower your stress and keep your immune system functioning with greater effectiveness. As Always; we will be here for you, your family and friends to help in any way we can in an effort to keep your health at its highest level possible.