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Physical Therapy

As highly trained healthcare professionals, Affinity physical therapists partner with “in house” or referring doctors to create and follow an Integrated Treatment Plan, which acts as a road-map to achieve your goals. When your primary care physician or specialist refers you to physical therapy, an Affinity physical therapist will complete your exam and begin your treatment.

Please ask your doctor for a written prescription, and be sure to bring it on your first visit so we can begin your treatment right away. We collaborate closely with your other healthcare professionals to coordinate your care and keep them informed about your progress.

Physical Therapy Treatment Highland Park, ILComplementary Therapies: Physical Therapy & Fitness Regain your strength and ability with experts in active care Muscles and connective tissues may be strained or sprained, shortened by poor posture, or injured by repetitive activities with improper body mechanics.

Physical therapy is a skilled healthcare practice which evaluates and treats patients to improve their strength, range of motion, balance, posture, flexibility, and functional mobility after an injury, surgery, or illness.

Patients seek treatment for a variety of conditions which impact their ability to participate in sports, recreational activities or activities of daily living. Physical therapists use specific exercises to reduce pain, help your body get and stay in balance, prevent further injury, and restore your well-being.

Affinity physical therapists will:

  • Conduct a thorough evaluation of your condition.
  • Collaborate with your physicians and the Affinity team to develop your Integrated Treatment Plan using a variety of advanced therapeutic techniques to help you move more easily, reduce pain, restore function, and prevent disability.
  • Apply evidence-based techniques to help you regain your strength, flexibility, mobility, balance and coordination.
  • Use manual therapies, such as Active Release Techniques®, Graston Technique® and CranioSacral Therapy.
  • Boost your motivation during treatment to build the necessary strength, flexibility, mobility, balance, and coordination skills to help you function optimally.
  • Help prevent loss of mobility and motion by developing a fitness and wellness-oriented Home Care Kit tailored to your specific needs. We will customize your home exercise program and adjust it as your condition improves. Exercises vary from basic range of motion to more complex activities specific to sports or daily living.
  • Work closely with our clinical massage therapists to adjust your Integrated Treatment Plan as your condition improves.
  • Enhance your understanding of your body to achieve long-term health benefits.
  • Be by your side and work closely together to create and achieve your recovery goals.

Physical Rehabilitation Lake Forest, ILAs experts in active care and how the musculoskeletal system functions, our physical therapists will guide you through exercises appropriate for your specific conditions to help restore function and improve flexibility, strength, balance, coordination, and agility. Active care is an essential part of Affinity’s philosophy of restoring joint function and achieving mobility.

You will initially perform these exercises at the Affinity Integrated Healthcare center. We believe engaging core musculature and using correct posture with every exercise is essential to healing properly with long-lasting results.

Using your comprehensive Home Care Kit, you will continue to perform these exercises and stretches in the comfort of your own home to improve the effectiveness of your treatment.

We will help you move forward, so you can return to activities of daily living such as work, school, sports and recreational activities, remain at your optimal health, and reduce your risk of further injury. We will be by your side for each step of your wellness journey.

At Affinity, we place a strong emphasis on manual therapies and active care. We ensure you will receive a significant amount of one-on- one time with your clinicians, who will monitor and correct your form during exercises and report any significant changes in your condition to your physician.

For post surgical rehabilitation, we will communicate closely with your surgeon about your treatment and keep them informed about your progress. Our dedicated team of highly-trained physical therapists and PT assistants will get you up and active as quickly as possible, using state of the art techniques and protocols.