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Home Health Care

Help your body heal faster.

The speed and success of your recovery depends on your active participation in a program of specific stretches, exercises, ice, rest, and other activities performed at home to treat your condition. Your active engagement in your Home Care Kit recommendations will help speed your healing process and pain relief, and more quickly attain your recovery goals.

Home Health Care Highland Park, ILYour Home Care Kit will include a personalized set of activities and instructions which may include:

  • Range of motion exercises to improve your joint movement and decrease inflammation.
  • Foam roll exercises to release muscle tightness, improve posture and strength, and enhance your progress toward greater mobility.
  • Ice to relieve pain from post orthotic rehabilitation and acute injuries or flare-ups of arthritic conditions.
  • Home Exercise Program to speed the recovery process, stretch and strengthen muscles, and maintain greater joint mobility.
  • Kinesiotaping to cue proper posture and help relieve pain, provide structural support, and decrease bruising, swelling and fascial restrictions.
  • Rest to maximize your body’s recovery by stimulating tissue growth and repair during sleep and time spent without exercise.
  • NSAIDS to reduce the pain, irritation, and inflammation, help you feel more comfortable, and help your body heal and recover faster.
  • Medical supplies to gain strength and stability, enhance healing, and prevent further injury using bracing techniques, exercise balls or progressive resistance bands.
  • Essential oils to reduce inflammation, muscle spasms and weakness, minimize pain, improve joint mobility, restore energy and stamina, balance body systems or promote sleep.

Home Health Care Lake Forest, ILYour Home Care Kit will be prescribed during your first week at Affinity. It will be tailored to your goals and the treatments that make you feel and move better and is aligned with your Integrated Treatment Plan.

As movement specialists, we will recommend a well-structured, therapeutic exercise conditioning program to help you return to your daily activities, enjoy a more active, healthy lifestyle, and return to sports or other recreational activities.

You will receive a complete kit of written instructions and diagrams for the specific stretches, exercises and other activities which are tailored to your individual needs.

You will first perform these stretches and exercises under the guidance and supervision of your physical therapist. Our goal is to educate you on how to perform them accurately and how to use them to improve your strength, flexibility, and independence.

Your Home Care Kit – including your Home Exercise Program – will be frequently updated to reflect your progress during treatment. As you complete your Integrated Treatment Plan and are discharged from therapy, you will have an updated, robust exercise program which will enable you to return to your previous level of function, maintain therapeutic benefits from treatment and your massage therapy, and prevent recurrence.