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Low Back Pain

Common Symptoms: Pain that occurs in the midline, either side or into the buttocks or upper legs. Occasionally pain, numbness or tingling will radiate all the way into one or both lower extremities.

Who is most at risk: Those that sit for extended periods, those who are deconditioned or overweight, strains from improper posture/ improper bending techniques, those who “self crack”.

The Anatomy (the basics): 5 bones make up the lumbar spine along with many ligaments and large muscle groups. This complex of structures allows the spine to bend, move and support body weight.

How is it diagnosed? A good history of the problem, physical exam, orthopedic tests, x-rays and occasionally MRI or other diagnostic tests

How we treat it? Most cases can be treated with adjustments, physical therapy, arpwave therapy, laser and massage therapy and other non-invasive techniques. Seldom does this require surgery.

Prevention and Recognition: Avoid certain tasks, poor posture and poor mechanics during bending. People should maintain strong core muscles, get regular adjustments, stretch regularly and practice proper nutrition/ hydration that can reduce the incidence of repetitive injury/breakdown.

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Dr. Robert Priebe

Chiropractic Physician