Affinity Integrated Healthcare | Injury Assessment and Treatments
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Injury Assessment and Treatments

Help your body heal and recover faster

Hurt your back playing a sport? Involved in a motor vehicle accident? Injured on the job? Slip on the sidewalk getting the mail? Treating injuries right away puts your body in the best position to recover quickly and minimize long-term damage, debilitating pain, and loss of mobility. Our Affinity Center has an expert team of chiropractic physicians, physical therapists, and clinical massage therapists who use evidence-based treatment methods and carefully document every detail of your injury and recovery to provide the paperwork needed for insurance claims.

Sports Injuries

Being active and playing sports is a fantastic way to stay in shape and maintain your health. Unfortunately, accidents are common in every sport and sometimes injuries occur. Our seasoned professional team has treated a  wide variety of sports-related injuries. We will diagnose and treat the area of trauma and speed your recovery using manual therapies, advanced therapeutic techniques, and medical braces, as needed. We consult with a reputable group of orthopedic surgeons when indicated.

Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries

Backed by decades of experience, our professionals know how to alleviate the sharp pain you may experience in the immediate aftermath of a motor vehicle accident as well as the lingering pain that can persist for years. After an accident occurs, you may feel shaky and scared, but are otherwise fine. When the adrenaline wears off, the pain sets in.Sometimes the pain may not manifest until days or weeks after your accident.

If you are involved in a vehicle accident, schedule an appointment with our practice right away. We perform a thorough physical examination to determine and document the extent of your injuries and immediately put you on the course to recovery. We will develop and share with you a specific treatment plan with the goal to return you to previous level of function.

Personal Injuries

Personal injuries can include slips and falls, muscle pulls and strains, injuries from working in the yard or around the house, lifting and moving furniture, or being an overzealous “weekend warrior.” Injuries can also result from DIY projects, product defects, holiday-related accidents, biking accidents, heavy lifting, dancing, and improper exercise, or even playing too hard with the kids.

Workman’s Compensation Injuries

When you get injured on the job, you need to seek immediate medical attention not only for your  health, but also to properly document your injury. Damage to bones, muscles, and joints are among the most common workplace injuries.

During your initial visit, we review your medical history, perform a thorough examination to determine  the exact nature of your injury, and develop a personalized treatment plan to help heal the injury and relieve your pain. Our qualified medical professionals will fully document your condition so you have all the paperwork you need to file an insurance claim.

Our experienced professional team understands how to properly diagnose, document, and treat personal injuries, and provide thorough and timely medical records to make an insurance claim more efficient.  We even perform independent medical evaluations.

At Affinity, you will receive integrated therapy, personalized treatment, and active care to accelerate your recovery, restore your mobility, and help you get back to feeling your best.

  • Our chiropractic physician – or, if you already have a prescription for physical therapy, our physical therapist – will review your history, perform a complete physical examination, and begin your treatment. See What to Expect.
  • Based on your overall health, treatment needs and goals, health history, and examination, our team will create a comprehensive Integrated Treatment Plan to address your needs.
  • The goals set in your Integrated Treatment Plan will include strategies to minimize the adverse effects of your injury, such as pain and swelling, and restore your strength, range of motion, balance, posture, flexibility, and functional mobility. We will educate you on the rehabilitation process and keep you informed about your progress.
  • The team at Affinity will personalize a Home Care Kit of activities to help you recover faster (e.g. ice or heat application, rest, stretches and exercises, positions or activities to avoid, etc.). We can also offer ideas for adjusting your home or work environment.
  • Risk of falling increases with age and is often multifaceted. We make it a priority to work on your balance after a fall.

We will help you create healthy habits and routines that fit your lifestyle. You will play an active role in accelerating your recovery and will have the tools you need to achieve and maintain your well-being. We excel at guiding and encouraging you to make lifestyle changes that enhance your overall health and well being now and well into the future.

Our Affinity professionals place a strong emphasis on manual therapies and active care. We ensure you will receive a significant amount of one-on- one time with your clinician, who will communicate closely with your doctor about your treatment and keep them informed about your progress.

Our dedicated team of highly-trained chiropractic physicians, physical therapists, and clinical massage therapists will get you more active as quickly as possible, using state of the art techniques and protocols. Our goal is to facilitate your return to an active lifestyle, including competitive athletics, work, school, recreational and community activities, or simply pain-free living.