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Weight Loss

Successful weight loss involves a combination of building healthy eating habits and proper nutrition. For losing weight to be effective and long-term, one needs to make life style changes to achieve their goal. Our educated team can help empower you and start you in the correct direction. Today, our wellness institute offers nutritional guidance as well as weight loss supplements to anyone who wants to lose weight fast and safely.

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Medical Weight Loss Programs Highland Park, IL

Medical Weight Loss Programs

There are many weight loss plans on the market, but few have stood the test of time like the HCG diet. Sound science and trustworthy research are what makes the HCG diet an effective, time-tested weight loss program.

The diet is a combination of HCG shots or injections, which can be self-administered daily, and a low-calorie intake, usually around 500-800 calories a day.

The HCG hormone allows your body to begin to burn fat, reserves, and prevents your body from breaking down muscle for energy. The low-calorie diet allows your body to receive the nourishment it needs, and you’re not consuming any excess, fat-building foods.

Weight Loss Clinic

Our weight loss clinic offers the HCG weight loss program to clients who want to lose those last few stubborn pounds or who want to kickstart a more dramatic weight loss transformation. Visit our weight loss clinic to speak with a medical professional who will assess your fit for the program and guide you through the first steps.

HCG Injections
What is HCG? Human chorionic gonadotropin is a hormone present in early pregnancy. Many HCG products on the market today are homeopathic, meaning that they don't contain any HCG. Real HCG is administered in the form of injections that are only available through a doctor's prescription.

Our HCG diet is a doctor-assisted weight loss plan. A member of our medical team is always on hand to educate you about each phase of this low-fat diet.

Low-Fat, Low-Calorie Diet
If you are looking to lose just a few pounds, you may spend about three weeks on a diet. If your goal is significant weight loss, you may be advised to follow the diet for six weeks and even repeat phases of the cycle several times until you achieve your weight loss goals.

As this is a low-fat, low-calorie diet, there are a few guidelines as to the types and amounts of foods you can eat, which must be followed to achieve success. We provide you with a list of approved foods to select from in specific amounts.

Weight Loss Clinic Lake Forest, IL

Vitamin B12 Injections

The combination of HCG and vitamin B12 helps you to shed those unwanted pounds and inches. While the HCG hormone triggers your body to burn fat when combined with a low-calorie diet, vitamin B12 speeds up your metabolism and increases energy.

People who combine HCG and B12 claim to lose more pounds and feel better while on the diet.

Apart from providing energy and boosting your metabolism, vitamin B12 has other benefits like:

  • Improves mood and symptoms of depression
  • Supports healthy, hair, skin, and nails
  • Improves heart health
  • Increases concentration
  • And more

In addition to vitamin B12 injections, we offer a variety of injections for weight loss:

  • GAC Shots (Glutamine Arginine Carnitine)
  • GOAL shots (Glutamine Ornithine Arginine Lysine)
  • MIC/B12 shots (B12 + Methionine Inositol Choline)

The HCG diet is an effective method to manage your weight. It's time to quit wondering how to lose weight and start losing weight now.

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