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Reverse Sleep Disorders

Reverse Stress Induced Sleep Disorders

A comprehensive evaluation of your body’s hormone levels affecting circadian rhythm (sleep cycle) involves a comprehensive assessment of your Cortisol, adrenaline, melatonin and blood sugar levels controlling hormone levels, evaluation of dietary intake and nutrition and sleep hygiene and proper evaluation of your nose and upper airways to make sure you may not have obstructive apena which is another cause for sleep disorders.

Cortisol Excess/Deficiency and hormone imbalances. Highland Park, ILIt is important to normalize your Hypothalamic-Pituitary- Adrenal proper communication and health which we accomplish with very powerful amino acid modulating supplementation and treatment. Our program achieves your hormone balance taking into consideration all aspects of creating and maintaining healthy sleep.

In our 24/7 society, far too many Americans see sleep as a luxury rather than a necessity. We just don’t get enough sleep.

No matter what its cause, insomnia is the most common sleep complaint among Americans. According to the National Sleep Foundation, 30% to 40% of adults say they have occasional insomnia. And 10% to 15% of Americans say they have trouble sleeping all the time.

Often many afflicted with insomnia will try over the counter sleep aides . Though they may initially work to sedate you, you are not reversing one of the primary problems: hormone imbalances. These are often caused by lifestyle choices such as poor sleep hygiene (not enough sleep time or wake/sleep times that do not promote restful sleep), skipping meals, eating meals high in carbohydrates especially before bedtime, intake of stimulants or other medical conditions that have affected your hormone balance, such as obesity or dieting for prolonged periods of time and eating processed foods.

Chronic stress and hormone imbalances including High Cortisol creates sleep disorders that exhaust adrenal glands causing Initially Cortisol Excess then eventually Cortisol Deficiency.

Cortisol Excess/Deficiency and hormone imbalances.

This forces your body to convert other hormones into Cortisol, further preventing weight loss. We use the most advanced, effective natural protocols designed for this purpose, such as bio-identical topical hormones, standardized glandular extracts, powerful herbal products, targeted nutritional, vitamin, mineral and lifestyle changes directed by YOUR SPECIFIC testing results.

Reverse Stress Induced Sleep Disorders Lake Forest, ILA customized treatment plan designed for you will naturally reverse the hormone/metabolism imbalance and allow you to reverse Sleep disorders and other symptoms.

Metabolism, hormonal, nutritional, genetic and lifestyle stress factors are considered when we individually tailor your treatment to restore specific organ and whole system functioning and allow your brain to go into the relaxation mode to allow restful sleep.

The result is rebalancing your hormones and restoring your health to feel and look your best!

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