Affinity Integrated Healthcare | Conditions We Treat
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Conditions We Treat

Enjoy The Things You Love In Life Without Pain and Chronic Symptoms

You body has a natural ability to regulate and heal itself.  However, your body may accumulate increased levels of stress and burdens that may impair your bodies ability to optimally regulate itself and fully recover from a physical injury or a chronic health condition like Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome.

Whether you are suffering from an chronic ailment or an acute injury, our goal is to discover what are the hidden causes behind your symptoms and then work quickly on a pathway towards reducing your symptoms and then to help you reach your optimal level of overall health through our integrated treatment programs.

The Affinity team of doctors and therapists have the experience, expertise, and passion for successfully treating a wide range of conditions, from the very routine to the more complex problems.  

Functional MedicineChronic daily symptoms and long standing problems that won’t budge with traditional medical approaches are not only frustrating to deal with but are a daily burden and constant annoyance for a growing percentage of the population.  Weather it’s the weight that just won’t budge, chronic fatigue, or years of hormonal imbalances Alternative Health approaches practiced daily at Affinity Integrated Health have help many escape the constant runaround of going from doctor to doctor only to get no answers and found real real solutions to their health challenges with our integrative care plans.  

Stem Cell TherapyStem Cell treatments also known as Regenerative Medicine, our most recent addition to our integrative approach, is changing the lives of many people who are suffering with chronic pain conditions like knee arthritis, chronic tennis elbow, shoulder problems and many other similar problems.  Conditions that typically the only treatment option was invasive and permanent surgical interventions now have an exciting option of restoring their joint and muscle health through these breakthrough technologies we offer.

Post Surgical Rehabilitation: Losing freedom of movement due to an orthopedic injury, illness or from surgery can be challenging and stressful. Our Doctors, and Physical Therapists we’ll be by your side, providing expert care and support as you rebuild the strength to return to an active lifestyle.  For over 20 years Affinity has provided Superior individual physical therapy for Libertyville and the surrounding suburbs.

Postural Dysfunction | Repetitive Stress Injuries: We use evidence-based assessment tools to identify factors contributing to your limited mobility due to things like chronic changes in posture and repetitive stress.. When we identify the source, we can help you improve movement, improved posture, and resolution to pain so that you can make quicker progress and get back to activities you enjoy.

Injury recoveryTreating injuries right away puts your body in the best position to recover quickly and minimize long-term damage, debilitating pain and loss of mobility. Our team uses proven treatment methods and properly documents your injury and recovery to provide paperwork needed for insurance claims. Examples of injuries we treat include: trauma from motor vehicle accidents, work-related injuries, and sports-related injuries.

Acute or chronic pain: Acute and chronic pain can be incapacitating and limit your activities. Our clinicians strive to correct underlying damaged tissue and surrounding joints to decrease muscle tightness, increase range of motion, reduce pain, promote tissue healing and hasten your recovery.