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How You Can Avoid Hip Replacement Surgery Libertyville, IL

Before you commit to a risky surgery with a lengthy recovery, extended downtime, and untold expense, first find out if you are a candidate for a natural, minimally invasive procedure that promotes natural healing and accelerated recovery with little risk …

Benefits of Routine Chiropractic Adjustments

There are many benefits of routine chiropractic adjustments (even more than the relief you experienced from that single visit to your chiropractor after your back hurt that one time).

Most adjustments focus on restoring range of motion, increasing movement in …

Laser Therapy For Pain Relief Libertyville, Illinois

If you suffer from chronic pain due to an injury, following a surgical procedure, or have a degenerative disease, you probably feel as though you have exhausted every available option to get real, long-lasting relief to no avail.

However, chronic …

Non-Surgical Treatments For Neuropathy Libertyville, Illinois

Neuropathy or nerve damage is a condition that occurs when the nerves on the exterior of the spinal cord and brain have been injured, and communication between the brain, spine, and nerves become confused.

The nervous system is a highly …

How Can PRP Treatments Help With Joint Pain Libertyville, IL

While joint pain can be caused by a number of different ailments, injuries, and conditions, the simple truth is, when you repair the damage to the joint that is causing the pain, the pain goes away.

Where traditional medicine often …

Treatments for Thinning or Balding Hair Libertyville, IL

You can look and feel your best once again with the revolutionary treatments for balding or thinning hair offered at Affinity Integrated Healthcare.

Using the technology of advanced biological treatments that are often used in addressing joint pain and other …

Update About COVID-19 Libertyville, IL

We are committed to keeping our patients and employees safe.

Letter to all our Patients:

These are unsettling times with so many educational and business closures throughout our state and nation. I believe that most of us understand that these closings are …

Low Back Pain Libertyville, IL

Common Symptoms: Pain that occurs in the midline, either side or into the buttocks or upper legs. Occasionally pain, numbness or tingling will radiate all the way into one or both lower extremities.

Who is most at risk: Those that sit …

Berberine Rivals Metformin for High Blood Pressure Libertyville, IL

An epidemic of blood sugar imbalances throughout the US is just getting worse every year.

According to the CDC, nearly 84 million American adults — more than one out of three — have prediabetes, or metabolic syndrome, a serious health …