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Update About COVID-19 Libertyville, IL

We are committed to keeping our patients and employees safe.

Letter to all our Patients:

These are unsettling times with so many educational and business closures throughout our state and nation. I believe that most of us understand that these closings are …

Low Back Pain Libertyville, IL

Common Symptoms: Pain that occurs in the midline, either side or into the buttocks or upper legs. Occasionally pain, numbness or tingling will radiate all the way into one or both lower extremities.

Who is most at risk: Those that sit …

Berberine Rivals Metformin for High Blood Pressure Libertyville, IL

An epidemic of blood sugar imbalances throughout the US is just getting worse every year.

According to the CDC, nearly 84 million American adults — more than one out of three — have prediabetes, or metabolic syndrome, a serious health …