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Benefits of Routine Chiropractic Adjustments

There are many benefits of routine chiropractic adjustments (even more than the relief you experienced from that single visit to your chiropractor after your back hurt that one time).

Most adjustments focus on restoring range of motion, increasing movement in the vertebral discs, improving flexibility, and maintaining proper alignment, all of which can result in a number of feel-good benefits.

Enhanced Performance

Routine chiropractic adjustments are a no-brainer for those who like to stay in peak physical condition and maintain an athletic lifestyle! In fact, the professional players in the NFL receive tens of thousands of chiropractic adjustments each season! That’s because when your joints and spine are in proper alignment, you’re likely to see improved flexibility, mobility, enhanced recovery times, and better performance overall.

Pain Relief

Routine Chiropractic Adjustments Libertyville, IllinoisThe most common reason patients come to see us is they are in pain. Whether it’s neck pain, back pain, knee pain, or something else, when something within your nervous system is out of alignment, it can cause pain just about anywhere in the body (called radiated pain).

Keeping the musculoskeletal in good health can help avoid overcompensation during physical activity, meaning less pain from day-to-day wear and tear. Plus, when you do have something out of place, getting it adjusted quickly (and routinely, as needed) can keep it from getting worse or becoming chronic pain.

Reduced Inflammation

Chronic inflammation can cause a host of painful symptoms and other issues within the body. For example, you might notice slower recovery times, persistent pain, limited range of motion, and other symptoms of chronic inflammation. Regular chiropractic visits can help with pain relief and help normalize the production of the cells that promote inflammation (called inflammatory mediators).

Improved Mobility & Range of Motion

When your spine is out of alignment, it can affect all of the other joints in your body, limiting motion and hindering daily activities or athletic performance. Keeping the spine and the rest of the joints in proper alignment with routine chiropractic adjustments can give you more flexibility and a better range of motion.

What Does a Chiropractic Adjustment Do?

A chiropractic adjustment utilizes hands-on techniques to restore proper alignment of the spine and joints of the musculoskeletal system (your shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, and ankles). This helps relieve pain, increase mobility, restore function, and speed recovery from injuries or overuse. Treatment plans are designed around your specific diagnosis and both immediate and long-term goals.

When you incorporate routine chiropractic adjustments into your wellness plan, each subsequent visit builds on the gains of the prior one(s), allowing for more and more benefits to your mobility, recovery, flexibility and general well-being over time.

As a result, momentum is built throughout the course of the treatment plan, getting you closer to your health and wellness goals. The healthcare team at Affinity Integrated Healthcare is here to help you feel your best. Reach out to us today to find out if chiropractic adjustments can help you get out of pain and get back to living life!